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Suppliers - AltaMAR

AltaMAR builds standard and custom laser systems. LT2400 Laser Tube Cutting System

LT2000 Laser Tube Cutting System

* Cut tubes as small as 1/8"
* Very low cost for laser quality
* 12 foot tube capacity
* New product in 2006
* Easy operation and service

LT2400 Laser Tube Cutting System
Low cost to buy, low operating costs
Great edge quality - often no deburring is required
24 foot tube capacity
PRC CO2 laser as standard, with other laser sources available
Round, rectangular, square, or other profiles
Random raw tube lengths
PC based control with touch-screen and built in programming features
Easy service

LC24 Laser Tube Cutoff System
* Optimized for fast tube cutoff
* Better edge quality and accuracy than conventional cutoff systems
* No hard tooling to buy, store, or wear out
* 12 or 24 foot tube capacity
* Automatic bundle feed (shown) as standard

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