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ROBOformER® G2: Automatic Press-Brake Bending Cell

A qualitatively superior machine that unites technologies from Salvagnini, LVD and Kuka: international companies, each a leader in its field of business. developing automatic and totally flexible processing systems. Equipped with user-friendly software, the cell can automatically orchestrate all loading, bending and offloading movements through a single machine program. The Salvagnini controller and software actually enable the cell to automatically program the production and stacking of parts, working directly from the imported CAD drawings. This is achieved partly thanks to bending instructions assigned using the vast LVD CADMAN database incorporated in Salvagnini’s CAMformER software, which also does away with the need to teach the Kuka robot. Operators can personalize output through a user-friendly graphical interface, which allows them to make any changes and variations they deem fit.

Speed and flexibility. A lean manufacturing system must, first and foremost, be quick and flexible. This is why the new ROBOformER® G2 + CAMformER makes an ideal solution for companies wanting to compete in a world that demands smaller and smaller production batches, but with the same high quality, faster deliveries and greater added value.

With the ROBOformER® G2, the whole job is automated and performed offline, meaning no time is wasted on programming and teaching the robot. Changing production from one part to the next takes just a few minutes, not hours or whole shifts, and is limited to the odd tool change. Moreover, the exclusive Salvagnini programming suite enables the ROBOformER® G2 to operate unattended, resulting in reduced costs and an increase in the value of the finished product.

The cell’s mechanical components:

  • The modular Salvagnini SoftLink manipulator, which has a patented mechanical joint and self-centring memory, assures high-precision gripping.
  • The LVD PPEB press guarantees accurate processing and high bending stability.
  • The Kuka 6-axis robot with the SoftLink manipulator is not required to release the workpiece it is bending.
  • The LVD EASY-FORM® Laser gives the ROBOformER® G2 added high precision, controlling the bending process in real time and compensating for variable conditions during the forming process.
  • The feeding station guarantees autonomous lights-out production.
  • The sheet centring station has been designed to assure perfect gripping of the sheet under all working conditions.
  • The repositioning station is a system of adjustable arms and it is used to turn workpieces over or set them down in order to adjust the grip.
  • The panel unloading zone is a free area, which can be set up by the user.

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