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Products- Coil Handling Equipment

Servo Press Feeds With Pull Through Straighteners

Dallas servo feeds with pull-thru straighteners are engineered, built and have the power to easily handle materials up to .650 inch thick and widths from 6 up to 84 inches. Coil weights can be up to 50,000 lb. They are best utilized in progressive die and transfer-type stamping operations. The close proximity of the straightener to the press tooling facilitates rapid flatness correction of coil stock as it is being processed.

Dallas pull-thru straighteners are available with 5, 7, 9, 11 and 17 straightening rolls in 2-1/4 up to 3-1/2 inch diameters on 5 inch centers depending on flatness requirements. Additional features include LCD readouts, powered and air operated pinch rolls, automatic disengage clutch, pivoting straightening head plus special roll coatings are also available, all designed to help reduce job change down time while making presses more productive.

Stock Reels

Mechanical Upenders

The West Bend Equipment mechanical upender offers a cost-effective means of upending metal coils, molds, dies and other heavy and bulky loads.

Mechanical upenders can rotate steel coils and other cubic loads though 90 degrees. West Bend Equipment mechanical upenders are available in standard configurations or may be custom engineered for your particular application to up-end or down-end your load. West Bend mechanical upenders have a cylindrical shaped cradle that is placed on four machined rollers. Rotation is achieved with a gear motor driving a single or dual chain sprocket.

Available design features for mechanical upenders include:

  • Standard designs from 3,000 to 100,000 pounds capacity
  • Custom designs with capacities up to 120 tons (109,090 kg)
  • Flat platforms or V-saddles to support coils in a horizontal orientation
  • Special platform sizes and shapes available
  • Optional 180-degree base rotation which eliminates fork truck repositioning
  • Pallet centering
  • Gravity or powered conveyors which allow integration with the production line

Hydraulic Upenders

West Bend Equipment hydraulic upenders provide great flexibility to meet your material handling requirements. Hydraulic upender platforms can be sized to handle a wide variety of load configurations, including long loads such as paper rolls, or other loads whose length is significantly greater than its width or diameter.

Hydraulic upenders employ one or more double-acting cylinders to rotate the platforms. On a hydraulic upender, one platform may be significantly smaller or larger than the other. This makes these upenders suitable for loads that are larger in one dimension than the other. These coil upenders can also handle more than one coil.

West Bend Equipment Hydraulic Upender The hydraulic upender's power unit provides an ideal power source for secondary functions such as shifting saddles and pallet centering.

A variety of hydraulic coil upenders with fully integrated, heavy-duty hydraulics and precise positioning is available.

Optional platform sizes can be designed to customize West Bend's hydraulic upenders. Other options include tilting capability, various types of conveyor decks, and wheels for rail travel or mobile capability.


Single and Double Arm Reels

Dallas engineers a wide variety of reel sizes and configurations to meet your current requirements as well as future needs. Single and double arm reels handle coils weighing from 1,500 to 60,000 lb. in stock width capacities from 12 to 84 in. wide. Dallas manufactures both motorized and pull-off type reels depending on which is best suited for your application.

Some examples of what sets Dallas reels apart is that we use pillow-block bearings, heavy-duty cabinets, and only well-known brand names of supplied components.

Standard features on Dallas equipment include wedge or link type expansion, with manual or hydraulic threading drives, coil keepers and loop controls. Several types of loop controls are available including dancer arms, paddle type, ultrasonic and photo electric, all of which help and eliminate surface damage on the material while enhancing payout operations. Dallas uses name brand brakes, which can be electric, air operated, or fail-safe type.

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