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Products- Ernst

ERNST sheet metal finishing machines feature all the components required to obtain desired finishing results. These components can be flexibly arranged to create the broadest product line offered in the industry. By choosing the desired features the user is enabled to unite all the functionality he wants to utilize in one machine.

Machines are available both for wet and dry finishing. The most commonly applied units are the EM 5/N Wet Deburring System and the EG 3/M Dry Deburring System. The EG 3/M features the most powerful deburring capability for heavy burrs and slag aimed at flame and plasma cutting operations while the entire wet line of ERNST machines has astonishing processing capabilities, such as total deburring of vinyl, galvanized and aluminized coated materials or parts with up forms and distorted parts. The wet machines can be configured to grain, polish and remove oxide layers from laser cut edges for subsequent painting operations.

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