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PlateLASER and PlateLASER-II Laser Cutting Systems

Laser cut plate with more power, speed and productivity than any laser cutting equipment today with the PlateLASER and PlateLASER-II Laser Cutting Systems. Each PlateLASER System laser cuts thick plate and thin material, doing the work of two machines.

Both PlateLASER Systems provide consistent laser cuts across the entire, large work envelopes, producing highly accurate parts to ±0.001 with reliable repeatability.

The PlateLASER machines have built their reputation on 6 kW of laser cutting power, completing laser cut parts from 1-1/4" plate at incredible speeds. PlateLASER and PlateLASER-II are also available in 4 kW and 5 kW models.

Sheet Metal

L2 Lightning: high-Dynamic Laser Cutting Machine

The Salvagnini L2 is a 2D laser cutting system that offers excellent work dynamics and unparalleled productivity. The L2 uses Rofin SLAB series laser technology. The high quality laser beam delivered by these sources attains faster cutting speeds than conventional sources with the same power.

The X, Y and Z axes integrate linear motors, a solution that offers unrivalled speed and acceleration as well as increased positioning accuracy, by eliminating the transmission organs required by rotary motors.

The L2 features an airplane-type structure, designed and patented by Salvagnini. This guarantees an extremely rigid structure, fast and accurate positioning, reduced width and easy access to both workpiece and machine components.

The Salvagnini SiX proprietary control system perfectly synchronizes the axis movements, the beam focal position and the source and assist gas command parameters, as well as offering automation functions such as remote operator.


AltaMAR Laser and Control offers a wide variety of laser equipment and services including: tube cutting of round and rectangular tubes; laser tube cutting systems; custom and standard laser machining systems; laser cutting and welding of a variety of materials; as well as high-speed laser degating and plastic cutting systems.

LT2400 Laser Tube Cutting System
  • Low cost to buy, low operating costs
    Great edge quality - often no deburring is required
  • 24 foot tube capacity
  • PRC CO2 laser as standard, with other laser sources available
  • Round, rectangular, square, or other profiles
  • Random raw tube lengths
  • PC based control with touch-screen and built in programming features
  • Easy service

LT2000 Laser Tube Cutting System

  • Cut tubes as small as 1/8"
  • Very low cost for laser quality
  • 12 foot tube capacity
  • New product in 2006
  • Easy operation and service

LC24 Laser Tube Cutoff System

  • Optimized for fast tube cutoff
  • Better edge quality and accuracy than conventional cutoff systems
  • No hard tooling to buy, store, or wear out
    12 or 24 foot tube capacity
  • Automatic bundle feed (shown) as standard


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