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Products- Lauffer Metalworking Presses -

Universal High Speed Hydraulic Presses

C-frame or straight side design for general-purpose applications such as coining, forming, stamping, blanking (full tonnage!), deep drawing, etc.

Tonnage Range 11 to 440 US Tons

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Presses

Massive straight side design with special gibbing, also for off-center loading as well as progressive or transfer applications

Tonnage Range 110 to 2200 US Tons

Deep Draw Presses

Single, double and multiple action designs for deep drawing (including reverse drawing)
from a variety of materials such as stainless steel and special materials including different
blank thicknesses (tailored blanks).

Tonnage Range 28 to 2200 US Tons

Automated Press Systems

We offer solutions for various applications:

  • Automatic single press systems with coil lines or blank loaders/part unloaders
  • Tandem or multiple press systems with blank loaders/part unloaders, robots or part transfer systems
  • Multiple cylinder presses with progressive or free part transfer systems

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