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Products- Press Room Equipment -


Helm-Pak HMC-2420 Press Control
HMC Series Total Press and Automation Control

  • OSHA and ANSI Compliant Control Systems
  • Inch, Single Stroke, and Continuous Modes of Operation
  • Dual Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC's
  • Allen-Bradley Emergency Stop Dual Channel Safety Relay

The compact design of the HMC press control features interactive touch screen display for ease of set-up and operation, with job recipe storage.


Dallas cradle capacities range from 4,000lb to 50,000lbs and come standard with heavy-duty cabinets and side plates built to stand up to any job you may have. Dallas cradles features include with full width powered nest rolls, adjustable side plates, AC or DC variable speed drives, and cluster geared pinch rolls. Both the pinch rolls and nest rolls are powered from a common cradle drive. Enclosed loop deflectors and guide-chutes direct the flow of the material and provide easy loading.

Dallas cradles are offered in a variety of equipment combinations – cradles (stand alone for stock payout) – cradle/straightener combinations or a SpaceSaver space saving cradle straightener/feeder. Powered straighteners and feeders are sized according to the type of material, its thickness, and width.


TUFFserv™ Servo Press Feeds

Dallas TUFFserv™ Servo Press Feeds will provide consistent precision feed lengths, agile programmability, synchronous cycle speeds and major cost savings due to their compact size.


  • Full control programmability and on-board memory/recall of up to 100 different parts with Dallas Smart Control package
  • Superior grip of stock with 3" dia. Crodon finish cluster gear driven feed rolls
  • Consistent stock alignment throughout long runs and coil changes with hardened, ground vertical entry guide rollers
  • Large-bore, dual pneumatic cylinders provide rugged dependability and permit heavier loads at the top of the capacity range
  • Jog the feed in forward and reverse at the press entry with the remote pendant
  • Advanced, brushless servo motors, with high precision planetary gear boxes provide high torque, low backlash operation as well as high rigidity and radial load capacity while stabilizing inertial matching to eliminate position error
  • Center point lubricating system reduces maintenance and downtime
  • TUFFserv models also include non-stretch timing belts, power disconnect switch and circuit breaker in the control panels, pneumatic pilot releases and integral three-roll curved stock support with overhead trap roll at the feed entry point
  • A Dallas TUFFserv Press Feed with Pull-Thru Straightener Saves Floor space
  • Compact design indexes and removes coil curvature which saves floor space (up to 40%) and reduces system cost (up to 30%)
  • Heavy duty Tuffserv feed units with pull-thru straighteners are driven by a high performance drive package
  • The close proximity of the straightener to press tooling facilitates rapid flatness correction of coil stock as it is being processed
  • 5, 7, 9 and 11 roll combinations are available for standard or custom applications
  • Free wheeling straightener rolls allows stock movement in dies for pilot release operation

Light Curtains

RPH-4 safety lights feature a two component system that does not require a separate control box. State of the art circuitry allows the transmitter and receiver to be wired directly into the safety relay inside your control cabinet or PLC. An internal diagnostic circuit continuously monitors the operation of the lights for maintaining their UL and CE safety certification. These lights also carry a category 4 safety rating – the highest level attainable by the international safety council. Standard protection heights range from 12 to 50 inches with beam spacing of 9 or 15mm. The lights can be programmed for either fixed or floating blanking with the SC-11 hand-held control module.

Mounting Pads

Vibro/Dynamics Products are designed to effectively reduce transmitted shock and vibration and provide an adjustment means to precisely level, align, and optimally support industrial machinery. Our products provide two-way vibration isolation protection. Not only do they protect precision machinery from a severe vibration environment; they also protect your people and workplace environment from machines that generate high levels of shock and vibration. Typical applications include metal stamping presses, forging hammers and presses, and plastic, metal container, textile, and woodworking equipment weighing from 50 to 2.2 million kg. Vibro/Dynamics has an excellent record of protecting machines in earthquake zones.

UNISORB® Quantum PM™ Press Mounts

At UNISORB® Installation Technologies, we have designed our new line of Quantum PM™ Press Mounts to meet the installation and mounting needs for virtually any press built. From smaller tonnage presses to larger transfer presses in excess of 3,000 tons capacity, UNISORB® Quantum PM™ Press Mounts will provide an ideal installation. We have over 100 standard individual mount configurations available to meet the requirements of any press application. In addition, we maintain the flexibility to provide specialty application mounts that nobody else in the mounting business offers.









Dallas engineers a wide variety of reel sizes and configurations to meet your current requirements as well as future needs. Single and double arm reels handle coils weighing from 1,500 to 60,000 lb. in stock width capacities from 12 to 84 in. wide. Dallas manufactures both motorized and pull-off type reels depending on which is best suited for your application.

Standard features on Dallas equipment include wedge or link type expansion, with manual or hydraulic threading drives, coil keepers and loop controls. Several types of loop controls are available including dancer arms, paddle type, ultrasonic and photo electric, all of which help and eliminate surface damage on the material while enhancing payout operations. Dallas uses name brand brakes, which can be electric, air operated, or fail-safe type.

Stock Oilers






Tonnage Monitors


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