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5-Axis, CNC and Utra High Speed, 5 Axis

PaR Systems' Vector® Waterjet Cutting System is a fully integrated five axis cutting system using high pressure water and abrasive to cut virtually any material. Five axes of integrated motion allow the cutting head to maintain tool normality to the part surface maintaining part accuracy.

The Vector® Waterjet Cutting System is controlled by PaR System's CIMROC® 5/21 controller, which provides the precision motion control necessary for complex five axis cutting. The CIMROC® 5/21 is a PC-based, open architecture controller with a Windows® operating system making it user-friendly. The Vector® comes standard with a teach pendant to allow manual positioning within the work cell. The system's ability to perform full 4x4 part transformations to accurately reposition parts in the work envelope makes it ideal for long parts and adjustable fixturing.

PaR Systems takes advantage of the technological advancements made by KMT (formerly Ingersoll Rand) in the area of high pressure delivery systems by integrating the Vector® with KMT intensifier pumps and cutting heads. Our customers benefit from 60,000 PSI pressure at the tool tip to achieve the required cutting capacity for their materials.

The Vector® waterjet cutting system is available in two standard sizes: 6' x 10' and 8' x 12' with a 2' or 3' mast.

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