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Products- Shears -




Front Gauging/CNC Shears

To remain productive fabrication shops must start with accurate cut square blanks. The precision of pre-punched blanks is also critical to profitability. Comp-U-Shear Systems deliver viable solutions at a fraction of the cost of a new CNC shear. They do it by turning a standard shear into a CNC Shear. With their relatively low capital outlay, short pay-back span, and long operating life, Comp-U-Shear Systems give fabricators the best way to reduce errors and speed precision shearing operations.

Hydraulic Shears

VS Variable Rake Hydraulic Shears

Standard Equipment

  • DNC 60 three axis CNC control
  • Multi-step programming w/program recall
  • Auto setting of rake angle & bade clearance (based on material type & thickness)
  • Material type library
  • Front sheet supports with t-slot and disappearing front gauge stops
  • Electro-Hydraulic Setting of Blade Clearance
  • 472 IPM high speed back gauge positioning
  • Electro-hydraulic aetting of rake angle
  • Programmable stroke length control
  • Tabletop ball transfers
  • 60" squaring arm
  • 13.7" gap


10-30' Lengths
1/4-3/4" Thickness

Mechanical Shears

100B Series-Mechanical Shears

Efficient performance makes this 190-strokes-per-minute model the ideal choice for any operation within the stated capacity. In every-day use or cut-to-length lines of lighter materials,these shears offer the versatility of the solenoid operated clutch and the quality construction found in every FAMCO power shear. B Series shears feature an anti-friction clutch and brake. The Orttech pneumatic clutch and brake are trouble-free units, self-compensating for wear. This 360 degree engagement clutch provides instantaneous, accurate shear operation assuring the consistent repetition essential to effective cut-to-length lines and feed operations of all kinds.

Available in 18GA; 16GA; and 14GA. capacities, in cutting widths from 24" to 72".


MS Series

The MS Series mechanical shears are fast acting, quick, energy efficient, and built for cost effective shearing of light gauge sheet metal. They come in both 10 gauge and 14 gauge models.

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