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Suppliers - Zakron Industries - Comp-U-bend, Comp-U-Shear

Zakron Industries, Inc. is an SR & ED facility that manufactures CNC Multi-axis gauging systems for Pressbrakes and shears.

In order to compete in a global marketplace, Zakron has developed a flexible motion control technology including an efficient patented linear guiding system.
Zakron's efforts over the past years has put us at the industry forefront and has opened up new possibilities utilizing these newly developed tools. As well as providing both manufacturing and R&D jobs, Zakron has become well known in its efforts to produce better low-cost high-tech products.

In order to increase profits and productivity in your fabrication area you need a new brake or shear, right? You may be wrong. Simply add a low cost, affordable ZAKRON COMP-U-BEND or COMP-U-SHEAR to your existing machinery and you will see your productivity level increase greatly - all at a fraction of the investment required by a new brake or shear.

Zakron’s guidance system and precision ground ball screws are enclosed inside the gauges themselves to ensure they are fully protected from any outside elements such as welding grit or dust. The gauges are driven by a closed loop DC Servo System with built-in overload protection.

The Zakron controller, provided with the gauge, utilizes a 9" CRT for easy viewing, a manual rotary dial for easy gauge position adjustment and a keypad with "soft" keys. Multiple jobs can be stored. Self-prompting displays are easily understood by the machine operator. Let Zakron’s low capital outlay, short pay-back span and long operating life give you reduced errors, speed-up your bending and shearing operations and provide accurate piece parts to help you remain competitive. Weller has local Zakron service and installation assistance to meet your needs. Call Weller Machinery Company today to see a live demonstration!

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